Comming soon: CNC milling of bigger batches on Brother M200X3

#Stevila goes BIGger batches

Our latest investment (installation end of September 2020) will be suitable for batches starting from 500 pc.
The vertical 5-axis high-performance machining center Brother Speedio M200X3 combines turning and milling in one process.
With this technology, the part costs are reduced, the workpieces can be manufactured more precisely in one clamping. incl. robot loading

Materials: aluminum, stainless steel, titanium.
XYZ travel: 200x440x305 mm
Workpiece size: Ø200 x200 mm

We would be glad to receive Your requests!

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Second machine in size, equal in importance: YCM NDC4018B-AHC

Double column vertical machining center YCM NDC4018B-AHC has X/Y/Z travel of 4200x2200x760 mm. Only one is larger in Stevila – FPT Verus 5 axis milling machine (6000x1500x2000 mm), however they both work hand in hand to ensure on-time delivery reliability.

Production is a team sport. Just like any other group activity with common goals. No one can do it alone here.

There is clearly a star in our team – the FPT, one who gets the most precise, precious and expensive jobs and someone, who is doing the rest –  smaller, simpler, rougher parts. YCM NDC takes care off of it all.

Which one is more important ?


If you are thinking about serial production and customer satisfaction, you can be sure – excuses, that your machine is broken or serviced and you cannot deliver, will be deleted from your dictionary! It is crucial for us to have ability to switch jobs in between 2 large and precise milling machines when needed. Even though the efficiency of a FPT Verus is higher, we have chances to adapt even the most complex parts to YCM NDC. Accuracy is in the range of 0.02-0.05 mm (depending on axis) on both machines and that is most important. 

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Welding of steel structures: STEVILA is certified to ISO 3834-3

Highly qualified specialists ensure proper quality of your welded products.

 Highly qualified specialists, including a welding supervisor and a weld seam Visual Test (VT1) coordinator, ensure proper quality of your welded products.
After welding, the structures can be annealed. We can perform post-weld heat treatment of structures up to 1000x1000x2000 mm, while annealing of larger sizes are outsourced to reliable partners. 

  • Welding materials: structural steels grades S235, S275, S355;
  • Gas-shielded metal arc welding (MIG/MAG) with numerically controlled Kemppi FastMig M welder;
  • TIG welding of aluminium and stainless steel with Kemppi MasterTig MLS 3000;
  • Welding of 3-18 mm thick sheets and pipes;
  • Internal control of production in accordance with EN 1090-1, EN 1090-2 (EXC2 class).
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STEVILA embarks on large precision machining

STEVILA has taken another important technological step – this time not only in the direction of precision but also of large part machining. Now our milling capacities come up to 6000x 2000×1500 mm, while the turning capabilities can accommodate a diameter up to Ø2000mm. Our last purchase was an Italian 5-axis milling machine with a turning function Verus from FPT, which assures unique machining accuracy and enables to machine complex surface contours.

One of our main goals at Stevila is to offer our customers outstanding quality. In addition to investments in production facilities, we also invest in metrology: the quality control laboratory received the third CNC coordinate measuring machine ( CMM) from Hexagon DEA with the measuring range up to 6000x2100x1600 mm. Stevila is in a position to offer products with detailed measurement protocols and services of large structure metrology.

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