Double column vertical machining center YCM NDC4018B-AHC has X/Y/Z travel of 4200x2200x760 mm. Only one is larger in Stevila – FPT Verus 5 axis milling machine (6000x1500x2000 mm), however they both work hand in hand to ensure on-time delivery reliability.

Production is a team sport. Just like any other group activity with common goals. No one can do it alone here.

There is clearly a star in our team – the FPT, one who gets the most precise, precious and expensive jobs and someone, who is doing the rest –  smaller, simpler, rougher parts. YCM NDC takes care off of it all.

Which one is more important ?


If you are thinking about serial production and customer satisfaction, you can be sure – excuses, that your machine is broken or serviced and you cannot deliver, will be deleted from your dictionary! It is crucial for us to have ability to switch jobs in between 2 large and precise milling machines when needed. Even though the efficiency of a FPT Verus is higher, we have chances to adapt even the most complex parts to YCM NDC. Accuracy is in the range of 0.02-0.05 mm (depending on axis) on both machines and that is most important.