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Comming soon: CNC milling of bigger batches on Brother M200X3

#Stevila goes BIGger batches 

Our latest investment (installation end of September 2020) will be suitable for batches starting from 500 pc.
The vertical 5-axis high-performance machining center Brother Speedio M200X3 combines turning and milling in one process. 
With this technology, the part costs are reduced, the workpieces can be manufactured more precisely in one clamping. incl. robot loading


Second machine in size, equal in importance: YCM NDC4018B-AHC

Double column vertical machining center YCM NDC4018B-AHC has X/Y/Z travel of 4200x2200x760 mm. Only one is larger in Stevila - FPT Verus 5 axis milling machine (6000x1500x2000 mm), however they both work hand in hand to ensure on-time delivery reliability.

Production is a team sport. Just like any other group activity with common goals. No one can do it alone here.

There is clearly a star in our team - the FPT, one who gets the most precise, precious and expensive jobs and someone, who is doing the rest -  smaller, simpler, rougher parts. YCM NDC takes care off of it all.