Stevila offers CNC machining and assembly services according to customers' drawings.

The own stocks contain structural, free cutting and stainless steel, aluminium, bronze, plastics and titanium. Rather large stocks of material ensure timely production of urgent orders. Most of the materials are delivered by certified sellers in Germany. The company also processes cast and forged products.

If the customers' products need coating, Stevila perform zink galvanising, oxidation, nickel-plating, anodizing, powder and conventional painting at partner companies.

The finished products are delivered to customers by the own transport which goes to Berlin every week. Further on, from Berlin consignments are delivered to customer either with the help of expeditor or parcel delivery companies.

The production process employs modern information technologies: all the machines are provided with the CNC data in a centralised manner. Western computer-aided systems Esprit, MTS TopTurn and MTS TopMill are used for programming. The advanced production planning system ensures integrated operations of all company divisions, including administration, marketing, costruction, technology design, production, warehouses and accounting.

The workshop terminals immediately enter the data into the system which makes the dynamic planning of production capacities and orders possible. The independently developed logistics module provides automatic generation of the shipping documents and doubt-free identification of the products on the customers's side.