Quality policy

UAB STEVILA is mainly active in the fields of CNC machining (turning, drilling, milling, grinding, welding, etc.), assembly of products, and sales of parts and assembled products.

Our goal is to be the preferred business partner for our customers by providing exceptional service quality based on a thorough knowledge of our field of specialisation and thus to ensure a long-term and consistent increase in the value of the organisation. We strive to be the leader in the market in providing CNC machining services to our clients or prospective clients.


  • timely order fulfilment;
  • zero-loss and zero-defect manufacturing;
  • to train company employees and to foster their sense of responsibility for the quality of their own work;
  • to encourage employees to perform their duties safely and to be respectful of the environment;
  • to invest in modern facilities and innovative technologies;
  • to improve the operational efficiency of the company by improving the quality management processes.

This Quality Policy of UAB STEVILA is understood by all company employees and it is a sound basis for helping them towards a better understanding of their contribution to the success of our company.

The Policy is available to all interested parties, it is reviewed every year and if necessary modified, so that it remains adequate and efficient.

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