Leonardo da Vinci Partnership Project: CNC and Robotics Partnerships, CaRPs

The project is implemented in cooperation with 11 partners from 5 countries:Germany, Sweden, Slovenia, Lithuania, and Norway. The project coordinator is Norwegian Osterøy Manufacturing Industry Association. The main aim of the project is to exchange experience in CNC and robotics training, to improve the training process, and to boost cooperation between companies and training institutions. See http://www.rup.no/ for further information.

The activity was sponsored by Lifelong Learning Programme, which is managed by the Education Exchange Support Fund in Republic of Lithuania. The content of the publication reflects the point of view of the recipient, not including Education Exchange Support Fund, the European Commission or its institutions. The European Commission is not responsible for the content, and for the possible use of the information.

The project is implemented in 2009 through 2011.