Leonardo da Vinci mobility project: Learning Latest Methodologies of Practical Training in Metal Working Technologies

The project is completed. 11 partners engaged in metalworking took part in the Leonardo da Vinci mobility project: 4 Lithuanian, 5 German and 2 Swedish companies. Project operator: Lithuanian and German UAB STEVILA. Lithuanian partners UAB ITMECHA, UAB Formosa CNC, and UAB CNC SERVISAS. 
The main aims of the project included preparing for the training centre highly qualified practice-oriented vocational guidance and training specialists in diverse areas, enhancing the professional skills and capabilities of those specialists in the fields of cutting-edge metalworking technologies, enhancing the process of innovations at the enterprises, and promoting a continuous professional development of the staff.

Project duration: 1 year, from 2006.06.01 to 2007.06.01.