Company code: 110770057 
Company VAT code: LT107700515
Bank: AB SEB bank
Bank code: 70440
Bank Account: LT66 7044 0600 0206 9763

Phone Sales: +370 343 91801
Accounting: +370 650 51003
For speditions: +370 685 85439
Fax: +370 343 92078
Address: Metalu 14, Mokolai, LT-68461 Marijampole, Lithuania

+54° 35′ 8.61″, +23° 19′ 39.13″ 
(54.585724, 23.327537)


Road description

Driving from Kaunas / Vilnius:
Take road A1 from Vilnius towards Kaunas, drive 100 km. to reach Kaunas. When you are still on A1 you will reach the crossroad named “Šiaurė”, then turn towards road A5 „Via Baltica“ (direction of Marijampolė, Varšuva and Kaliningradas). Pay attention to the signs! Don‘t turn to „Klaipeda“ direction (A1).
You will reach ”Marijampole” while driving approximately 60 km. on road A5. Just before entering the city turn right to the direction of “Varsuva/Kaliningradas” and continue for about 3 km., then you will drive to the crossroad with large old farm buildings (500m. aside the road) and sign “Sunskai”, turn right in this crossroad and continue for 500 m. You will see sign “Stevila” on the left side (aside big grey building).
Warning! You must obey Lithuanian speed limits which are: Highway Vilnius – Kaunas 100 km/h, Via Baltica 130 km/h, urban areas 50 km/h.