Quality policy

Strategic objectives and business activities

  • To achieve the quality level which can satisfy the topmost requirements;
  • To produce and supply only high quality state-of-the-art products which can meet the customer’s needs and expectations;
  • To seek a leading position in the Lithuanian market, to expand foreign markets;
  • To keep improving the effectiveness of the Quality Management System according to LST EN ISO 9001:2008;
  • To identify and forecast the needs of the customers;
  • To improve the production process and to keep introducing innovations;
  • To keep improving the qualification of different level employees;
  • To secure the responsibility of each and every employee related to the product quality and the quality of the employee’s performance within the employees job position and authorities granted thereto;

The management of the company shall:

  • Provide the employees with conditions necessary for producing high-quality and efficient results by offering social benefits and creating benevolent environment of mutual understanding;
  • Acknowledge the merits and creative initiative of the employees and motivate them to pursue higher results;
  • Keep improving the working conditions;
  • Provide possibilities for implementing new ideas and proposals after assessing their practical benefits;
  • Give careful consideration to recruiting new staff and improvement of the employees’ qualifications;
  • Pay salaries and wages with respect of the work results;
  • Revise the Quality Policy on a yearly basis to ensure its relevance.

All the employees of the company shall be introduced to the Quality Policy and must follow its provisions in their job activities.